Dental Implant Cases


Non-restorable tooth #3


Site #3 after extraction and bone graft

Dental Implant Tooth #3

This case is a patient in his 50's. He presented with a root canal treated tooth in his upper right first molar. The root canal had been performed many years before, and the tooth had been completed with a gold onlay. This patient presented with the gold onlay having come off, and there was extensive tooth decay under the onlay. The decay was so significant, that a root canal retreat and a new crown were not a viable option. A better option in this patient's case was a dental implant.


This tooth was surgically extracted, and a bone graft was performed at the time of extraction to preserve the bone available for placing a dental implant. After 4 months of healing time, the dental implant was placed in the grafted site. Due to the depth of the extraction site and the subsequent bone graft, we were able to attain enough bone to place the implant without further sinus augmentation. After 3 months of healing, the dental implant will be restored with an abutment and an implant crown to restore the tooth back to proper esthetics and function.


Site #3 after dental implant placement


Site #3 after final abutment and implant crown is in place

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