Dental Extractions

When a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond saving, a dental extraction is indicated. Thankfully, there are options to replace extracted teeth including dental implants, a fixed bridge, or a partial denture. Our office is trained in the latest techniques to make extractions as easy as possible on patients.

After we have performed a tooth extraction, it’s important for you to follow our instructions to help with the healing process. Your mouth may be sore around the area where we performed oral surgery. 


We may prescribe painkillers to help with your discomfort as needed. Our dentist will have placed gauze over the area of the tooth extraction, and it needs to stay in place for about 3-4 hours after the procedure. We recommend using an ice pack to help reduce swelling, but the ice should be used for no longer than 10 minutes per session. 


In the first 24 hours following your dental care, avoid using a straw, spitting or rinsing your mouth out. Make sure to refrain from smoking or vaping during this time frame as well. The extraction area will be sensitive and need time to heal. 

Brushing your teeth is still recommended, however, do not brush the extraction site directly. Our staff wants you to heal quickly, so be sure to get plenty of rest for at least a day after the surgery is completed.


If you are experiencing dental pain and aren’t sure if you need your tooth pulled, our staff can help. Your tooth may be decayed beyond repair, or you may just have a fractured tooth. If you are having trouble chewing, have a loose tooth or signs of infection, you need to see us as soon as possible. 


Leaving a decayed or broken tooth for too long can lead to serious problems down the line, and can even send you to the hospital if the infection spreads. Necessary tooth extractions are the answer to restoring your mouth back to its full health. We can help you regain a healthy smile and pain-free life. 

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